The composition of a protein

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Sednterp will compute the weight of a protein from its composition. To use this method in Sednterp, press the From Composition button (alt-c shortcut keystroke). The Sample Composition form will appear. In this form you may enter the moles of amino acid residues in a table, or read in an amino acid sequence from a file, or paste an amino acid sequence from the clipboard. In addition, other ligands from the conjugate table of the database may be included in the molecular weight estimation. Conjugates not listed in the database can be added to the data base if you know their molecular weight, vbar, charge, etc.

After entering the moles of each kind of amino acid or conjugate, press the compute button (or just use the Tab key to exit the spreadsheet areas) to have Sednterp estimate the molecular weight. (In this form Sednterp does not automatically compute the weights as you enter residues since this can noticeably slow the program.) Make sure that the option box return to main form has molecular weight checked. Then, press the OK button to leave the form and go back to the sample form with the molecular weight computed.

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